365:29 Export 29

365:29 Export 2929 is a Perrin Number – the temptation to pop out to the water’s edge with one of Mr L’s old suits was enormous. As the weather remains less than enjoyable, I give you instead: Export 29.

[url=http://www.blipfoto.com/SpinningGill]Life on the 59th Parallel [/url]recently gave me this charming wee tea chest of Darjeeling tea. It is stamped with a variety of digits but happily for me, among these it says “[b]Export 29[/b]” The chest has prettier faces however I felt honour bound to include the proof of today’s number.

I included my charming wee one-cup teapot before realising that nothing gives the scale of the tea chest and pot. Hence the mug. I don’t own a charming wee tea cup and saucer, unfortunately.