365:145It’s Geek Pride Day – which is also Towel Day (for DNA) and the Glorious 25th of May for Pterry. Of course it takes a bit of a geek to refer to Douglas Adams as DNA and Terry Pratchett as pterry, but I guess for today we take pride in knowing where our towel is and the fact that we are all in our way just a little geeky. We must be – photography has long been regarded as the province of the geek…

My towel is hanging on our newly-assembled treadmill and I shall be unleashing my inner geek on a spreadsheet to record my fitness progress. I like spreadsheets and the geek knitter in me loves to chart knitting progress and record percentages and things. I think it may even be a little geeky to have already occupied one of the pockets on the treadmill console with a piece of sock-knitting to keep me occupied whilst I stroll.

You can’t see it in this shot but to the left of the treadmill I have a whiteboard and chalk pens to tot up my mileage for recording prior to transfer to the spreadsheet.

Yes, I am that geek and I wear the fact with [s]pride[/s] little shame.