365:102 A life on the ocean wave

365:102 A life on the ocean waveThat’s the[url=http://www.greatglenshipping.co.uk/vessels/] MV Burhou I, belonging to the Great Glen Shipping Company[/url], tied up at Kettletoft. I know it’s a carp photo but it was taken with the extreme zoom of my P510 and in a F7 Near Gale. I really just wanted to fathom out what the big boat was, as we see so few of them here. However, when I found that there is a UK radio station on 102 FM and it is called [url=http://www.wave102.co.uk/]Wave 102[/url], I reckoned that this image of a choppy Kettletoft Bay would save me pulling my hair out over what exactly to shoot today.

Still on theme and, frankly, astonished. We live to fight another day!