This, that and the other

Time to catch up on how life has been treating me over the last couple of months?

  • French red tape has made settling in very difficult. Normal processes seem to take forever and to require sizeable dossiers of paperwork. We do now finally have a French telephone SIM card, a French car, an electricity supply contract and ditto for water, and a French bank account. Landline and Broadband are yet to be tackled.
  • The sunny weather has been relentless. I am browner than I have ever been and my 20 year-old shorts, previously scarcely worn, are now worn out.
  • The Fitbit tells me that I am halfway to my initial weight loss goal.
  • We bought the Fitbit scales and I love them – for many reasons.
  • The furniture was taken away and we were left to sleep on the floor for a while
  • The house purchase completed at the end of June and the house is now all ours
  • We bought a load of second hand furniture, which has now been collected and arranged around the house. I have many drawers to fill.
  • There has been no time for spinning or knitting, although I did do a little on two socks whilst…
  • …we drove up to Paris to view a couple of motorhomes because…
  • … Vincent has been sold and returned to the UK.
  • Unfortunately I appear to have forgotten how to turn a sock heel, so the socks did not make much progress during a very long and powerfully hot day (6 hours going North and 8.5 hours coming back)
  • We found a kitten, half dead, at the side of the road last week. It is asleep by the side of my computer right now and seems to be making excellent progress. Household complement now 1 dog and 2 cats (and possibly a toad but that’s a whole different story.)
  • Mr L has returned to Paris to collect the new (to us) motorhome and should be back in a couple of days.
Evidence of sock-knitting. One hour into our journey, well before breakfast and already 19 degrees C


That’s not a lot to tell really but it is a quiet life that we have here and it consist mainly of dog-walking or sitting under the sun parasol, eating bread and cheese and drinking wine. It’s a hard life but somebody has to do it.

There’s a blog for the new house and garden but it is still in the process of being set up and doesn’t make any coherent sense just yet.

This blog appears to have been hacked. Please tell me of any difficulties that you may be having. I need the boss to come back and log in to the server to clean up the unwanted files.

I hope to be back soon with news of Morgana’s little sister, just as soon as I find time to settle down with her.

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It’s coming…

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  1. July 20, 2018

    yes it’s bin hacked 🙁

    I got this screen up on my PC (link to screen shot
    Luckily It doesn’t work on linux boxen. Vive le Penguin!

    Glad to hear things are moving positivly for you.
    I’ve got a meeting with a wallah this AM to find out how much I’m gonna get screwed by the pension co. 🙁

    • July 20, 2018

      barstewards (hackers and pension geezers).

      I have two belts and at least once pair of braces on this thing, no idea how it has happened. Will get my s erver admin bloke on the job when he has come home and had a few minutes feet up

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