I have new socks on today. I had forgotten just how good a new pair of hand-knitted socks feel. These are the ones that I knitted for Hunter Hammersen’s book, The Knitters Curiosity Cabinet. (Rav link). That’s the actual pair that can be seen in the book. Made by me. Yeah.

Anyway, they are gorgeous, fit perfectly and feel wonderful. They are also the penultimate pair from my stash of ready to wear socks. It is high time that I replenished my box as my sock drawer is stuffed full of socks in need of darning.

Try not to look too closely at the grafting

So, with a flourish of excellent timing, I packed my sock knitting in the van in readiness for this weekend’s trip to the big island. My WiP box has two pairs, half made. One sock for him and one for me and one each in progress. I thought mayhap they might both be completed by the time that we come home again.

Well, as it happens, three nights on Orkney has turned into two weeks away and we are off to Shetland on Sunday night. Now, there’s a surprise. It certainly took us by surprise when we decided at tea time today that we might go. But ferries are now booked and extra clothes have been stashed in the van, along with an extra ball of sock yarn to keep me busy on the 8 hour journeys.

We have not visited Shetland before. I think we will enjoy it, though it sounds as though it will be busy – the sleeping accommodation on the boat was pretty much all booked up, including the reclining seats. We apparently are sleeping in the cinema, “where it is nice and dark.”

We have done no planning and no research. We shall simply wing it and find sites as we go.

See you when we get back. Anybody want to run a book on exactly how much sock knitting will get done? I do hope that there will be photographs to share. Maybe even ones of Orcas, perhaps. Who knows.

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