Mixed fortunes

A day of mixed fortunes today. Mr L elected to go alone to the hospital, leaving me to mind Nell at home rather than traipse her around in the car all day. I kept myself busy, having one of those “hubby’s away” productivity days. Several loads of laundry went out on the line, until the clouds gathered and then I turned my attention to making bread, cleaning, and doing some tidying in the caravan.

The caravan yielded some nasty damp where there has been water ingress (bit annoyed about that) but also further supplies of Art yarn for my hexapuff blanket.

I made no  further progress on the hexapuffs but I did find a pair of 8mm needle points for Gill, who came round to collect them. I also found some Velcro I had been promising to search out for Mr L, who wants it for the RV for something or other.

Mr L rang when he exited his appointment to tell me that the Consultant had been furious because it was an incorrect referral and Mr L had effectively had his day wasted. He had to ask me to make a GP appointment for him for tomorrow because this consultant was unable to prescribe for him. He said he would dictate a proper referral for the right department this evening. All very well but that’s not helping the poor man to get better any faster, is it.

And  now it is time to get the sheets back on the bed, put our feet up and enjoy a glass of something tasty whilst contemplating the horror of having Liam Fox for a PM. Oh, my. The rest of the world must surely be laughing themselves silly at the state of this poor benighted nation.

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