Soon be done now

Mr L is still on his hands and knees, doing the final stretch of grouting. He should be done by tea-time. I have been mopping the half that was grouted yesterday. It will need going over again yet so it seems unlikely that the final sealing will be done today or tomorrow. That means working right up the wire on Sunday by the looks of things. Back to work on Monday, so the rooms won’t be restored until next weekend.

Cooking in the campervan has worked out well but yesterday when I went to make lunch, I found the cutlery drawer to be full of water. Luckily there was little ingress into the cupboards but I had a deal of work to do in emptying things out, mopping up and washing everything up. It seems that the water pipe to the tap is leaking.

So, now I am cooking and eating in the van but lugging all of the washing up around the back of the house and down into the utility room via the back door, where I have to share the sink facility with the grouting buckets… clearing and cleaning the sink, washing and drying up, then carting the post and pans back around the back of the house to the van – it’s properly exhausting!

Not surprising then that we took the easy way out last evening and went to eat at the pub. I had lamb meatball masala followed by bread and butter pudding with ice cream, and very good it was too. Tonight looks like being another pub night. I think all of this eating out is going to double the price of the floor!

The weather gave us a bit of a break yesterday and I escaped for an hour in the bay with Nell and my camera. There were Eider ducks and an obliging seal. It was beautiful and peaceful and just what I needed.

Today is back to normal and is all grey and cold and mizzly. I had to go to the shop to buy a mop bucket as neither one of ours could be found when needed. They will turn up the next time that we are searching for something else. That is the way that it works around here.

Nell is asking to go out again. She tells me that cold and grey and mizzly is no problem as she has a lovely waterproof fur coat.

OK, Nell.

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