NaBloPoMo 6: a less than striking post

Just a gathering of snippets today, as spirits are at a low ebb.

The Fichuis taking more knitting than one might have expected. I was banished from the office today while a conference call took place. I elected to sit on the bed and knit my edging. At one point I thought to myself  “ah, nearly done!” as I watched the tail of finished edging dangle in my lap. It felt as though  there were very few stitches left on the body needle. Alas – I counted the peaks and found that I am still less (just) than half way there! 26 points done.

Aches and painsabound today. I am clearly paying penance for stating on Monday night that I haven’t had to use an inhaler since moving up here. Today I am chesty, wheezy, coughing – but trying not to cough as every time I cough my head hurts and I have to duck and go “OUCH!”

I’m tired. I spent the night fighting the cramp in my foot – it’s an ongoing problem resulting from the surgery I had a few years back. Requires further surgery but I keep putting a trip to the doctor’s off. I hate having sore feet.

Energy Levelslow. And what energy I do have is being given over to supporting Mr L in making his decision about striking. Not sure who is meant to support me, though.

Mr L is not in the union, and neither of us believe in strike action for standard pay claim issues. But these are big issues and are going to have a large negative effect on us: possibly meaning that he will have to work until he’s 70.

He’s at least partly minded to join the union and support the fight. The problem is that we don’t have much money. Having his salary eroded so far over the years, and a relatively new mortgage in place, means that every penny that he earns is accounted for in just getting by. We have a small contingency fund, but nothing that would support even a moderate few strike days really.

If we still lived in Civilisation, I’d just pop out and get myself a wee  job and contribute to the household funds. But we’re here. Lovely as it is, it isn’t exactly a centre of commerce and industry. Not many Universities ((For my sins, I was a Principal Admin Officer in a university in the years before we ran away to Scotland)), last time I looked, either.

Whatever he decides, I’ll back him up. But I admit that I hope that he decides he can’t commit to the strike.

It’s tense around here. Expect my NaBloPoMo effort to fail in the next few days.

Cheap nutrition
Cheap nutrition

Oh, please submit interesting lentil recipes via the comments. I might be needing them!

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