Oh, b*ll*cks!

So, today is Shawl KAL cast-on day. I worked like fury last night to try to clear the Red Emperor and have one less WIP cluttering the place up. I had five 16 row repeats to do and I got almost all of the way there. I finished the last five rows this morning and intended to suspend the stitches until the day arrived when I felt like grafting. Strangely, I was seized by uncharacteristic self-discipline and elected to graft immediately.

So, why is this post titled as it is, and not “FO: Red Emperor”?

Because I grafted ninety-five silky stitches together the wrong away around. And now I don’t know how to go about rescuing the bl**dy thing.

That’s why.

Yes. I did check that I had “right sides together”. I did. Twice. Don’t ask me how and when it went wrong. I have no clue. Presumably because I was making myself do the right thing rather than waiting until I was in a grafting mood. Maybe because my eyes are so sore. Possibly because I stirred the soup once too oftenwhile I was getting my grafting act together.

Anyway, that’s more than enough self-discipline for one week and I have no intention of fixing it right now. I’m on day 2 of a migraine and I really don’t think that I could. I’m not sure that I ever shall. Let’s face it, I’ve loathed this scarf ever since I began knitting it – which is entirely unfair, given how very much I was looking forward to it, and for so long.

Tell you what – if you fancy fixing it, and think you can, and you would like to have it – it’s yours. It’s a light fingering weight in cashmere and silk and it’s lipstick pink. I’ve no idea why anybody would like it, but it takes all sorts. Just let me know. See it here on Ravelry. Will exchange for small amount of quality chocolate. Or nothing at all. But it was worth trying for chocolate.

I’m going to make some Icelandic Poppies now.

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