Fired (ho, ho) by my paper-crafting PS3 experience yesterday, I decided that it was high time to get those knitting needles moving on a Fire project. This morning I settled down with my Araucania Nature Wool, from the swap I did via Ravelry, and cast on.

What am I knitting? I’ll tell you when I have finished it, because I really don’t know what it will end up as yet. I’m hoping for a little felted bag but although the Araucania is marked as Aran, it seems a bit lightweight for the job. So maybe it will be a felted pouch…

I haven’t swatched (too little yarn) and am trusting to luck as regards my first fulled knitting project. I’m knitting by eye and mental arithmetic – and trusting to luck that I’ll get around 30% shrinkage in the wash.

What I do know is that the colours are spot on for the Fire theme and I do love the dull red shades. I also know that I have tried to knit a fire theme in, by working in a supposed Elder Futhark rune, Kenaz.

Kenaz, or Kano K
Kenaz represents a torch, beacon, guidance. Renewed clarity and freshness. You feel free to give or receive.

Expect difficulty in some situation or relationship

The “rune” is very rough and ready. I should have spent more time in planning and charting but I told myself that the felting process will mask a multitude of knitting sins…

If despite everything the project works out, it will either remain Kenaz or be renamed Brand. I quite like Brand. It’s a very red word.

Cast on just before breakfast and by lunchtime I was two thirds complete. It set up a burning pain in my right shoulder, so now I will rest it for a day or two and get onto something else. Maybe some paper and ink, maybe some stitching. I haven’t decided yet. While Kenaz is resting, I can try to work out  a plan for assembling the finished item, whatever it is, and for lining it.

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