Briefly – busy, busy, busy. Merino/Tussah almost spun, but lots getting in the way. Banished from office for much of time so getting plenty of rest for my arm. That’s good. To be banished all day tomorrow again. Which means…

1) I can finish the roving and ply my two bobbins together.

2) I can get some time in my workroom and get on with some birthday cards that need doing

3) I can get a skate on with my new knitting project

New project?

Yep. I cast one one more time. I have identified what I want to do with my BFL handspun and I cast on a test piece tonight. There are no gauge details, so I am knitting up a repeat or two and will cast off and treat my small triangle as a swatch and see how it blocks out and if I need to change needles.

I am doing a Cascading Leaves Shawl ( by Vicki Mikulak ( – and I may bead it. I shall visit R and see if she has any suitable beads.

The shawl will most likely take priority on the knitting front. I am very keen to have something knitted from my own handspun.

Oh, it knits beautifully! The yarn is soft and silky and just slips through my fingers. It looks very nice since I washed the skeins.

Tomorrow will be a wonderful “me” day as I shan’t even be cooking lunch – Mr L has an all day teleconference training session. He’ll be getting sandwiches at half time.

One more thing – identified today a sweater pattern for myself. I shall be spinning the yarn requirements as my next spinning project. I’ll probably do it in Shetland as I have a mass of that in various shades, ready-carded. All I have to do now is to learn how to turn out a reasonably consistent yarn of approx Aran weight. I shall be asking for help with that on Wednesday!

How the Leaves Came Down

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