I need to knit

I’m missing my needles. I hope pup settles down soon and allows me time to knit. I’ve been hankering after some Yarn Yard yarn tonight and I really want to clear my stash a bit soon… I love to knit. It soothes me and makes me happy. I miss it.

I gave my Cat’s Paw Scarf to my MiL for her birthday, so I need to knit myself a scarf before the winter bites too hard. I still have loads of the Cashsoft 4ply left – plus the grey BFL. I don’t want to do Cat’s Paw again, though. I’ll do a different Shetland lace pattern this time. But which one?

I didn’t fill my bobbin yesterday but I did finish the first bag of BFL and began the second. Getting there by degrees. I am impatient to see it plyed.

Then there is the crochet challenge to be met. One day…. one day, I’ll get to grips with this craft. For now, it drives me crazy.

I’m trying to get a daylight “true colour” lamp – in the hope that I can make progress on some projects during the darkness of winter. My cottage windows are very small indeed and we live in permanent gloom through the winter, with totally inadequate lighting. I am reliant on Mr L’s sniping abilities to snatch me an eBay bargain soon.


Oh- I need to knit a watch cap for Mr L. Anybody got a URL for a pattern for this type of knitted cap?

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It’s coming…

It’s coming…

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Well, that was unexpected…

Well, that was unexpected…

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