Socks History

Sock Count, last updated 19th Jan 2009

Sock Count = 28
Pairs = 13
Pairs in active progress = 0
Pairs started and resting = 6
Pairs frogged to begin again = 3
Pairless SSS = 2

Completed pairs, in chronological order

  1. Simple Socks aka My First Socks
  2. Hedera by Cookie A aka Blue Ivy Socks
  3. Simple Socks aka Simply Arizona
  4. Ambrosia Socks aka Eight-ply Purple People Eaters
  5. Burning Rings of Fire aka Cash and Burn
  6. Merope socks aka Plumbum’s Mouthwatering Merope
  7. Simple Socks aka Socktober Mountain – first Magic Loop socks
  8. Yarn Harlot sock recipe sock aka Vanilla Mansocks – completed on Magic Loop
  9. Number 1 Husband Socks aka Grreen and Grrowlly Socks – cashmere
  10. Simple Socks aka Water Socks 05/01/09
  11. Earl Grey socks aka Private Comfort 07/01/09
  12. Laeticia aka Gaudete, Boreae Montes et Flumina 06/04/2009
  13. Francie Socks aka Smooshypu Socks 20/05/2009

On the needles

  1. Not So Flashy – plain sock (dozing) 1 done
  2. Tay-lor-made Herringbone Rib socks (dozing)
  3. Own pattern – Thorfinn (dozing)
  4. Cookie A Mingus (sleeping)
  5. Mixed recipe sock  – Warning! (Second Sock Syndrome) – 1 done
  6. Cookie A Pomatomus (sleeping)

Frogged for a new beginning

  1. Firestarter
  2. Teosinte
  3. Smoking Hot Socks

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Hot, hot, hot

I really am a poor blogger these days, aren’t I? Sorry. The notion that I would keep a Nature Diary here soon fell by the wayside. A pity, that. Perhaps I will try again next year, The thing is, we packed ourselves up and wandered off in the van again and when we came back we were, for various reasons, at a low ebb. Energy has been lacking and especially the mental variety. I amContinue readingHot, hot, hot



Having chosen to live in France, I try hard to live French. I really do not want to be that Brit – the one that moans how they can’t get such-and such in France or that some-other from the UK is better… Certainly, in my humble Brit opinion, there is so much here that is better than back in Blighty. Bread and butter for one two things, for instance. However, I do have a beef:Continue readingB-B-B-B-B-Bovril

Recent movements of the: Two Snails

It’s coming…

It’s coming…

We are getting ever closer to our new van. It is supposedly 13 days away. I say “supposedly” because we have been here before and I shall not quickly forget the horrors of last year when Mr Snail had to stay near Paris for several nights after travelling up on the train at 6am and… Continue reading It’s coming…

Well, that was unexpected…

Well, that was unexpected…

I was confiding that Heidi’s days with us are numbered, we had picked out our new van and that Mr Snail was taking her to Cognac to get a PX price… Things did not go to plan. Heidi was looking gorgeous, considering her age, and we both agreed that the fact that they had asked… Continue reading Well, that was unexpected…