Increasingly Scattered

Scattered Thoughts was a really good name for this blog wasn’t it? My thoughts grow increasingly scattered and my focus dissipates.

I do miss it. I really miss wittering on here. But there just never seems to be any time. Every now and again I consider consolidating the blogs into one but again, there never seems to be time to order my thoughts.

We have been travelling extensively this year. I sometimes take the laptop with me and I always intend to write posts in some form or other but it all gets away with me nowadays, as does my knitting.

Two things just now:

  1. December Reflections must be looming and I hope to get through the entire month of prompts without failing but as yet, I haven’t seen them and there doesn’t seem to be a Facebook Group yet. Perhaps it’s not happening this year? Anyway, I intend to take the laptop South for the winter and really will put in some effort because…
  2. …There is a new Obsession and it is a Woolly one.

I hope to participate in the Wool& 100 Day Dress Challenge. I’ll write a dedicated post to this as soon as I can fit it in. In short, I have ordered one of their dresses and I plan to use this winter’s trip to attempt wearing it for 100 days straight. Yes, you heard me correctly. I shall return to explain shortly.

Two or three potential flies in this project ointment are that the dress may not arrive in time for our departure and if it does arrive, it may not fit. Also, we remain at the mercy of the pandemic precautions and the trip may be cancelled again this year. I can still wear the dress though… if it fits. I have put a lot of weight back on throughout lockdown and following.

Things that I need to do:

  • Organise my photos
  • Update Two Snails
  • Do some knitting (more on this matter in the 100 Day Dress Challenge post)
  • Write the aforementioned post
  • Pack the van
  • I’m sure that there is loads more to do… I could clean the house, for instance

EDIT: Whoops, did I never get around to posting this?

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