Hello, 2021

Hello, New Year. What shall I do with you?

Knowing me, it will simply be more of the same. However, I fancy doing rather more of the same, IYSWIM. Specifically I refer to the restoration of the blog habit, with a quite successful month of posts for December Reflections now tucked beneath my ever-lengthening belt.

I should quite like to keep up the momentum but at the moment I don’t know how to ensure that intention.

  • Might I set a monthly theme? Tackle just 28 days at a time before moving on?
  • Perhaps create a month of prompts and invite others to join?
  • Could today be the time to start a 365 photo project?
  • Start a novel and post a page a day?
  • What do you think, blog, do you have any desires or ideas to present to me?

Whatever I settle on I need it to be something that I can stick to when we go travelling – which means something that works even if it has to be posted by email. Short and simple? Exciting and enticing – something that actively draws me to the keyboard?

(Suddenly, I feel that now might be the time to Abandon All Blogs.)

Maybe just One Day at a Time… just see what happens…

Yes, it is true, I have NO idea what I wish to do with 2021.

PS. I tried to take a Selfie to illustrate this (non) post but I looked dreadful…. Selfie-taking is not a skill of mine. Nor is it a desire. Wouldn’t want it to become a habit but it might have livened things up a bit, had I been successful. After all, today I have BLING! Not only that but I also have my legs out. Might have been good for a giggle if nothing else.

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