Month: May 2010

May 28, 2010 /

Lórien was an entirely ad hoc project; I had sorte dout all my projects for the Colourmart Lovers competition KAL and suddebly realised that I needed a ferry knitting project (I’ll discuss the blanket another time.) I had seen the Lórien patterns a while ago on Ravelry a nd it sprang to mind as a candidate. I cast around for some stash to knit it with and my eye fell upon my weaving basket…

Details and gallery.

May 21, 2010 /

A very belated FO post — this shawl was completed ages ago but blocking was deferred.

Mere photos cannot do justice to the handle of this garment. The yarn is so smooth and almost silky – soft, warm, and plumptious. The finished article has both heft and drape – in fact, it almost has sproing. I so wish that I had a crinoline to wear this shalw over. It just begs to be draped in the crook of the arms and dangle over a full skirt…

Details and gallery.