Your Life in Their Hands

My GP telephoned today to say that my 24 hour tape analysis has come back showing an anomaly that may prove to be something or nothing. It’s sufficient to have me checked out further. I have to see my GP tomorrow to be checked for valvular heart disease prior to my seeing a Cardiology specialist.

Long term readers may immediately recognise the import of this statement. I however did not, and it took Mr L to remind me:

When we sold our last house, it was a more than usually traumatic experience (and, believe me, we have had some bad ones). It transpired at the time that the buyer was a consultant cardiologist. He does regular clinics in Orkney. I said that I hoped to the $deity that neither of us would ever need a Cardiologist as I never, ever wanted to see that man’s face again.

Well. It’s going to be a stressful visit to the hospital, isn’t it?

Eep. My palpitations suddenly worsened.

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