The DFV is done. 354 yards total. All 3 ply.

What a relief.

I think I’ll knock up that stuff that we bought in Stromness last week for my next project. Something thick and bouncy and really slubby. I might leave it as a single and get a spool of something interesting to ply it to.

No claimers for this nasty stuff yet? Oh, what a surprise! :-}

No spinning today. I am off to be the results service for today’s North Isles Sports.

(I just tried to find an informative link about the Sports – I couldn’t find anything suitable, but was much cheered to find our new baby, sanday.co.uk, came up 7th on the Google ranking – based on our news item about changes to ferry services for today. I must be doing something right on the webmastering front!)

When Mr L is back at work next week I think I may have to have a wash day. I have several skeins to be done, plus a fair bit of blocking to do as well.

I plan to complete my sock today, in between results posts, and move on to knitting this DFV up after the skeins dry. Until then… I’ll work on completing a dormant project or two.