Yarny goodness

odds n ends

The basket of cone ends, all finished off. Merino/Silk/Cashmere in a 70/20/10 blend; 2/28NM laceweight. An array of neutral shades, collected with red tones and an apricot shade. A real treasure trove. There are two 300g collections here and each cost circa £11. The yarn will go a very long way, even if knitted double – which is what  am doing to begin with. I have kind of missed the Tumult of Waves wrap – especially since seeing the flair with which J wears it. So I am doing another one, slightly wider, and in shades of pearl and ivory through café au lait and onward to an almost indescribable greenish-gold-brown colour – and throwing in the apricot shade as well. Will it work? I have absolutely no idea!

Those deep red and amethyst shades are gorgeous, and thankfully in large enough amounts to make lacy scarves in single colours.

It is delectable stuff and very easy to knit with.

machair 422

The Machair laceweight from The Yarn Yard

Aurora 425

And the Aurora laceweight from the same source. See how much plumper it is than the Machair?

PS3 water yarn

Last, but by no means least – my handspun. From a Merino roving (Lavish), carefully hand dyed by Natalie at The Yarn Yard. This is the first skein – 340 yards and 64 gms. Proud? You bet! The remainder has been plied but not yet skeined. (That odd looking piece in purple is some different merino yarn that I used to tie the skein off with.)

I am thinking of turning this yarn into this scarf, because I seem to have overshot the sock yarn mark with this roving.

EDIT: bought the pattern. ARGH. 4mm – the same size as the Morning Surf I just cast on! Now I’ll have to get a move on to free the needles up. I really want to use this yarn by the end of the month and manage to complete at least one PS3 project on time. Maybe I should buy new needles tomorrow if the shop has any.