Yarny goodness

My yarn for the Evenstar arrived this morning. A good choice, I think. It has rather more bright blue in it than I expected but is overall a soft and tranquil mix of blues. The ply looks good, neither too soft nor too firm. A non-challenging lace weight at 800m/100g and the handle is soft. It should drape well. Although the yarn is named Glisten, it is not as shiny or as slippery as I had feared/anticipated. I had been planning to knit from the skein (mounted on a swift) but am now encouraged to try winding a skein into a ball. This I shall do forthwith, and embark upon The Swatch – in between assembling a chicken lasagne (weird, I know, but neither of us fancies popping out for some beef mince) and salad dinner.

Photos later.  It was bright earlier but things got in the way and by the time I was organised and the cat had been dosed… the sun had gone in.

I may have to manicure before I wind my yarn. I’ll go hunt for a nail file, then join Mr L in my workroom (where he is making a warehouse bulding in N-gauge), wind one skein off, and perhaps attempt photography of skeins with ball.

The quiz: our team came in a creditable fourth. Not so good as to be cringing with embarrassment, but good enough not to disappointed with out performance. SpinningGill’s team came in fifth place. Next year, the grudge match 🙂

Raffle haul: wine and chocolates.

The cat: still seems OK in himself. He had his first tablets this morning. The crushed offering, mixed in with chopped liver, was totally rejected. We therefore got him on the kitchen table, scruffed him, and deployed the pill popper. Wow! Why have I never acquired one of these beauties before? What a doddle! The first tablet, that is. Teddy was forearmed for the second one, but it still went down even if there was a little more fuss involved.