Wow, what happened

Well, my bag is packed ready to go to spinning and I am about to go bake a cake. The chooks are fed and watered and let loose, cats are fed, tea has been consumed, the dogs have been out, and I am vertical — showered and dressed. It isn’t even half past eight  yet. My system is in shock.

Mr L can have leftover Influenced Stew today.

I’m not taking my wheel out as I don’t think my back is up to lugging it about. I shall knit. Though, that said, my upper limbs aren’t up to that either — I have been doing far too much on the keyboard lately. Well, I can always chat and drink tea. It will be good to get out after two weeks at home.

I overdid things yesterday (predictable) and though I got loads done, I know that it was foolish. I had a bad night, with many parts of me complaining at me.

Right – I have a Swiss Roll to make. Catch you later, blog.

PS Anybody seen the Ibuprofen?

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