Wound up

We both seem to be  feeling much better today, though I also feel as though I did quite enough yesterday not to wish to exert myself today. I busied myself this morning in winding balls from the little skeins of Art that I found in the caravan yesterday. Overall I believe that I am now feeling more positive about the yarn supplies for the Beekeeper’s Quilt, especially since I received an email via a Ravelry stash enquiry.

wound2 (1 of 1)

Unfortunately I am not making progress on either the knitting or the sewing together as the project is out in the RV and Mr L has removed the step in an attempt to repair the damage done when we were at Kippford. There is no getting in or out for a while today.

Happily Mr L is feeling loads better. He saw the GP this morning and they outlined a plan for reducing medication. The next step is to get him down to Aberdeen  for the Consultant to take a look at him. We celebrated with croissants and frothy coffee for breakfast

I think I shall continue to rest today on yesterday’s hard-working laurels. In fact, I am not even going to cook. I made bread yesterday and we plan to have bread and cheese this evening.

Teddy is much on my mind at present. I miss him very much, particularly his cuddles. Unlike the general aloofness of most cats, Ted would force his affection upon us and insist on a proper cuddle with head butting and grooming thrown in. I was never enchanted by having my hair covered in cat spit but it did at least seem to have some real significance. Never believe people who would  maintain that animals cannot love and that it is wrong to anthropomorphise. Teddy was very much in love with his Humans and very keen to demonstrate our kinship.

Tan is coming to stay tomorrow, until Monday. I am looking forward to taking her and Nell out to play, perhaps at Sty Wick. With a bit of luck there should be some good photos to come out of that.

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