Works in (slow) progress

I am in town today, if all has gone to plan, so this post was lined up in advance.

The Hap shawl is still in production. At one stage I actually believed that it might be finished by Tuesday. Oh, mirth! Cosying up to Mr L at the weekend took away some knitting time, and a day of gloomy weather with no electric light removed a considerable amount more. Migraine on Tuesday did not help progress at all. More importantly, I appear to be having issues with this edging.

Yes, there may have been a modicum of comfort eating involved. Why do you ask?

It should be simple. It ought to be straightforward. Yet it keeps going wrong!

A lot of time has been invested in going backwards and I don’t even have as much as half of one side completed yet. It is going to be a while — and it is most certainly not going to be blocked before the Open Studio at the weekend. Heck – it won’t even be completed by then.

I could use a better 4.0mm DPN right about now, I can tell you.

It isn’t all bad news – I can reveal that I am going to love this shawl when I get to see it opened out. I know that I am. It is going to be fab. I am already looking forward to the next one: it is going to be bigger! and better! and homespun! and… tweaked…

That’s is about all the WIP news that I have this week. I did cast on a new project and tried a few rows of the chart, but common sense got the better of me and I returned to UFO-busting.  I really do want to finish this Hap, plus two pairs of Silk Road Socks and that red swirly thing before embarking on newer, more exciting projects. I am finding the discipline quite difficult!

At the time of writing this I was uncertain what project to take for a ferry ride today. I expect that I will have chosen the Joshaqan and will be knitting away on it by the time that you are reading this. The only reason for choosing that project is portability. There are other things that I would prefer to be working on, such as the Hap — but that is not at all portable when shopping on foot. Portability is the only thing preventing me from casting on some new vanilla socks for the boat ride. It is about all that I feel up to  – Joshaqan is a bit convoluted for my current mood but it only requires transporting half a ball of yarn, whereas new simple socks would see me carting a full 100 gram ball around all day.

I expect this week to carry on pretty much as-is. I shall plug away at the Hap edging until it is done. Just wish I could figure out why progress is so very slow! If I knew the problem, then I could fix it and speed up. I foresee a very bored knitter in these here parts before the week is out.

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