Wish I’d done it sooner

Today I girded my loins and ventured into that space that is laughingly designated “workroom” or “craftroom.” It has long needed a thorough tidying session and now that I have a new large workbench to put in there, it really has to be done with gusto. I need to throw out much of the stuff that I was deliberately hoarding, in order to make space for the new furniture.

So far I have:

  • CREATED:  a little more space in which to insinuate my bulk into the room rather than stand helplessly in the doorway and wonder where to plant my feet with safety.
  • FOUND: the long lost missing pin from my traditional Lazy Kate
  • FOUND: several missing items from a “Red” RAK parcel that came in during February
  • FOUND: the missing 28-80mm camera lens
  • REMINDED MYSELF: that I really do not need to buy any more yarn during my remaining lifespan.
  • SNEEZED: a lot
  • REDISCOVERED: the carpet behind the door
  • FOUND: the patch where a cat found relief when accidentally locked in
  • FOUND: rather (a lot) more spiders than my equilibrium can handle

Anybody need any used blue bags? How can I have purchased so much stuff in three years?

We shall be needing some low wind speeds at the weekend-  a large bonfire is indicated.

When I get to the stage of recreating a work space, I think I should do it in the mind set of a fibre artist – it is so rarely that I do anything with paper, paint, or ink these days that it seems foolish to lay out my space as though I do. It’s going to mean a lot of reworking.

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  1. SpinningGill
    October 9, 2009

    I’ve just thought of a use for all those blue bags – but I bet I’m way behind you! 🙂

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