Oh dear, WIP Wednesday is all but over and I have forgotten until now that I have news to post. Well, here it is in brief but it is far too late to take photos. Perhaps I shall add them in tomorrow…

1 – Cast on last evening and now almost at the crown shaping — about 70% complete — is the Norie hat in Violet Green Superfine Alpaca DK. A quick and simple knit, suitable both for knitting in company at Spinning group and in front of the iPlayer while I watched Becket. Only the maths involved in upsizing it to tax me.

2 – On the sock needles, and cast on a tad early on the evening of 31st January, the Gordes sock in Violet Green Helios 4ply. This has taxed me excessively, and surprisingly. Partly a matter of the dark shade of the yarn, partly the unaccustomed chart symbols, and partly plain idiocy. (No, seriously, idiocy. How’s this? – place stitch on cable needle, work next stitch, completely fail to work the stitch on the cable needle but work the next stitch as though it were that one, remove cable needle, leave stitch hanging in mid air. Not once. Not twice, THREE times!

It has been cast on three times so far, but I think the pattern is now set. I’m on R7 of Chart B, with a long way to go.

3 – Antalya is around one quarter to a third done.

4 – Current spinning is some home-dyed Shetland. The singles were finished this morning and are setting, ready to ply. The yarn is for an Aestlight shawl which is waiting to have its Birds Eye Lace section added

5 – The current “Ferry” socks have made progress in odd moments, despite the fact that we have not caught the ferry.

No weaving progress to report.

There is a big wind coming. We are to have a couple of days of perfect stay-at-home-and-knit weather. I plan to finish the Norie tomorrow, and to make progress on the Gordes sock. I’ll ply my yarn tomorrow. I may even light a fire and get out the loom.

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