…WIPpie yi yaaaaay

WIP Wednesday!

Alas, all good intentions came to naught this last week. My hands have been so sore that very little knitting has been done, apart from on the Coquille – which is such an easy knit to pick up and put a few rows on now and again. It has grown very quickly…

Only a few rows to go now

The final gusset has been knitted and there are just a handful of rows to go now. I shall have this cast off before I go out to spinning group today.

Fascinating yarn but I am not sure that I am fully happy with it. I have used 3 of my 4 balls and the final ball seems to have the colours more widely spaced than the first two, giving the shawl a somewhat unbalanced appearance. Will try to reserve judgment until I see it pinned out.

This knit is rumoured to be in for an appearance in the Knitty blog this Friday, as it has been “Knitty Spotted.”

Sadly, insufficient work has been done on the Teardrop stole,  my hands have been hurting too much for detailed work like this. It has grown a little, but badly needs to gallop to a close now.  Almost 16 of 20 repeats done, so approaching 80%. I need to concentrate and finish this by Friday.

No work done on either the Cecchetti or the Snowbird this week. I may take the Snowbird out to Spinning with me – in case the Teardrop proves to much to handle among the chatter.

In non-knitting news: the hens have not yet arrived — which is good as, more crucially, the hen food has also not yet landed, nor have the feeders. There is a leak in the hen hoose too, and it has puddles inside.

Things will improve, I am sure. They always do, in the end.