WIP me with your finish stick!

WIP me slowly, WIP me quick.

It is the Walk of Shame today.

Let us begin on a positive note:

Gorgeous Gördes

The Gördes sock is a thing of joy. It progresses, if slowly. The toe approaches at last, however.

I took a dozen photographs of this sock and not one comes even close to showing it in its true glory. The colour is nothing like the one shown here.

G̦rdes is a deeply satisfying project to knit and a real feast for the eyes. The back of the sock is the part that I find most pleasing РI really love the heel detail, though the curlicues on the front come a close second.

I can’t see a full pair of socks coming to fruition much before the end of this month but I can guarantee that they will have been worth the wait.

Ferry Blankie

The last few days have seen a few squares added to my sock yarn blanket – six, in fact.

Looking good, isn’t it? I am working at levelling it off and moving from a newly-straight border at the left along the top to the right. I want to get over there quickly and work some red into the blanket. I recently appealed for some red yarns and pmcblonde very kindly sent me a package. There are some very nice reds in it and I can’t wait to add a little fire to the blanket.

And The Rest

I did something the other day that I have been intendng to do for ages. I went into the UFO basket — head first, without a safety net – and I (wait for this….) listed all my projects.

There were 41 WIPs.


I have a spreadsheet and I am going to use it to decide a finishing order. It will help me stick to the Finish 2, Start 1 discipline that I have imposed in order to reduce the pile.



I could lose a few by frogging them. One or three, anyway. The blanket will be a live project for a long time so hardly counts as a UFO and there will always be a pair of simple socks in progress for ferry knitting. Shall we say 35 UFOs for completion, then? Just as a rule of thumb…

Here they are:

Felted bowl To complete All but done, I should get this off the list soon
Infernal Mitts FROGGED
Red Emperor To graft Ugh, I hate this. Best thing to do is to get it completed and give it away and forget about it.
Roving tea cosy FINISHED
This was already complete other than tailoring to a specific tea pot. Given away.
Humbug bag Finishing Needs lining and stitching and a zip
Blue DK cabled mitts 14/2/11 FROGGED
Clapotis FINISHED February
Red bag To rescue Needs some dropped stitches collecting and fastening off. Then felting required
Antalya Ready to graft 14/2/11
Colours Squared To complete I want this one off my back asap
Norie FINISHED Frogged and reknitted
Handspun Aestlight Half Done Need to ply the contrast yarn for the birds eye lace
Echoes of Eden Half Done Two done, one of each construction
Echoes of Eden Half Done Two done, one of each construction
Handspun Cushion cover 14/2/11 FROGGED
Icing 14/2/11 FROGGED
Lace Fichu Under way No hurry
Snowbird To complete This I want to finish
Cecchetti To complete This I want to finish
Lace edged hat Started Designing, early stages
Frosted Ferns Half Done Needs new needles
Very Terhi 14/2/11 FROGGED
Spiraluscious mitts 14/2/11 FROGGED
Teardrop Triangle Barely started No hurry
WillitWontit LIVE 23/02/11 out of hibernation and under way from 50% point
Gordes FINISHED 28/02/11
Pomatomus Started Half of one leg done. May need to begin again to find place in pattern
Cockleshell Cast On No hurry – possibly for end July
Evenstar Half done On hold while I find the right beads
Proxy Half Done Short of yarn. Need to frog and redo as scarf size
Sandey Started Designing, early stages
Pi Blanket To finish This I want to finish
Jessie Lambdin shawl Started Quite keen to knit this one, it is very pretty
Autumn Arbor stole Cast on No hurry
Laminaria Started Suspended on lifeline. May start it again…. Again
Quill 14/2/11 FROGGED
St Anne’s Lace Cast On No hurry
Wings of the dove Under way No hurry
Ferry Blankie Live
Ferry Socks Live
Tunisian Crochet scarf Started Just a practice/learning piece

And, if you think I am going to link all those projects to their appropriate Rav pages, you can jolly well think again.

They are not all listed at Ravelry, but those that are may be found here.

Just one thing – I added a rough note of how long each project might take to complete (in elapsed time), either weeks or days. The cumulative total appears to be around 46 weeks.

Step 1: Admit the problem

I think I need a lie down.

Give me a few days and I might come up with a plan of action. I am as yet undecided whether to target the 1 and 2 day projects in order to reduce the list quickly, or just go for the ones that I feel most like knitting.

I would like to end this year with few enough works in progress to count on the fingers of a single hand. And I don’t mean a hand of bananas.


14/02/11  – after frogging 6 projects, there are 35 remaining

24/02/11 – 31 projects remaining


  1. February 9, 2011

    best punk crossover ever.

    the socks look AMAZING–worth the wait, i think?

    • February 10, 2011

      Absolutely worth the wait – and worth working slowly to get them perfectly right, I think. All the same, I am getting frustrated with my slow progress.

  2. February 9, 2011

    Um. Well, just wow. The purple socks are beyond lovely, and will be just in time for Spring. The rest is quite a list – good for you for tackling it. Can’t wait to hear how you decide to go about it!

  3. February 10, 2011

    Can’t wait to hear how you decide to go about it!  

    Ah, yes. Well…

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