WIP-et-ty doo dah

Miserable dreich and gloomy day today, so WIP photos are not available.

  1. Bridgewater  still stalled. Will finish tonight
  2. Ripley #2 completed; much better fit
  3. Gill seems happy with Ripley #1 and she looks v good in it
  4. Mingus: no progress

The sock yarn that I ordered from Hejhog arrived this morning. I have no idea if it is lovely or not – will let you know once we see daylight again.

Also in today’s mail, a surprise package of sock yarn scraps for my blankie — courtesy of northernlights (Jenny). It has made the itch to be working on the blankie even greater than it already was.

At spinning today I finished plying the 2 ply silk/merino to itself. Then I failed miserably to make progress on the Bridgewater, but I did sew the second Ripley together. I brought the Knitters Loom stand out for a Show and Tell, and left it out by the fireside when the ladies left. I did a little weaving this afternoon. I am extremely pleased with the stand and believe that more weaving will be done than would otherwise have been the case.

We had a jam and cream filled chocolate sponge today 🙂

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