There’s a storm coming. Well, not strictly speaking a storm – but we have a warning out for a Severe Gale force wind, with gusts to 70mph. So we have been out and about, putting away anything that might go flying. As part of the process we tidied the conservatory, and brought in the garden bench for the winter. Teddy is currently complaining about the changes. He must be a Taurus. He really hates change.

Once change that he doesn’t hate is the declaration of Winter Weather and the particular change that it brings with it. Porridge for breakfast. There was a queue this morning for the porridge bowl. I think I need to begin making double the quantity because leftovers are not sufficient for three porridge-loving dogs and three porridge-loving cats. It’s funny how they remember from one winter to another. They know the signs. They know the smell. They know the routine. The moment I got the porridge bowl out this morning I found that I had three ostentatiously-good dogs lined up on the kitchen floor. Noo kidding – all in a line, seated neatly and all waving one paw in the air. And I hadn’t even got the oats out!

I can think of another change that Ted might just be able to cope with. I want to make better use of the conservatory this winter and catch a little more UV than we normally manage to. To that end I wish to make some cushions for the garden bench, They will need to be inert – so I’ll have to get fibre-fill for them, and some man-made fabric for the covers. Something cheerful and comfortable to tempt us in to drink our coffee in the pale winter sun when it’s too cold and windy to take coffee outside. I just wish that I could have some plants in there but Ted would eat them all, and probably poison himself in the process.

The forecast prompted Mr L to finally go look at the boiler and fix it. He must be thinking about switching the heating on soon. Which will mean that I might get some spinning done soon. It’s too cold to sit in the sitting room just now. Once the heating is on I can go put the radio on and spin to my heart’s content.

But first, the socks!

I am just about at the toe on the first #1 Husband sock. I anticipate completing it today. Maybe I shall have a pair by the end of this week coming. After that, I have been pointed at what may just be the right toe-up pattern for me. I hope to fit one successful pair of toe-ups into Socktoberfest. That would make the total: 4 pairs in all, two techniques mastered, two UFOs completed – and I think that would be a very healthy result. Can I make it? We shall see. Time marches on – and that Hipknits cashmere loves to split…

I’m cooking today, not Mr L. It’s only risotto and focaccia but will take time away from the needles.

Now, please excuse me, but I have had an idea involving a couple of polyester-filled pillows…