Winter Shawl Progress: 15/10 The finish line is over…there!

Very brief report before dashing off to town:

  • Pattern: A Handsome Triangle
  • Source: Victorian Lace Today
  • Ravelry Project: Winter Shawl
  • Yarn: Colourmart DK Merino
  • Needles: KnitPro Symfonie interchangeable circular needles, 5mm.
  • Row: 204
  • Stitches on needle: 412
  • Total stitches worked: 42,836
  • % complete: 92.69
  • Estimated completion: 18th October ((18th now looking doubtful, but am not shifting my goal just yet – got to have something to aim for!))

Steadily plodding away at it. Each row gets slower, not due to the length but to the weight and unwieldiness of the project. It would be so much faster on straight needles…

I’m not taking the shawl on the boat, I’ll take some more portable socks with me.