Who knows…

Who knows where the time goes? Not I. There was so much planned, but so little of it happening as other things continue to get in the way. Feeling highly frustrated about it all this week. Yesterday was a particularly bad day and grumpiness was in evidence by tea-time.

Last night was the christening of my drum carder. I re-carded some coloured Shetland fleece that had been carded a few years ago and was looking quite compressed. I plan to work my way through the whole box and re-card it before blending the colours together. That should keep me out of trouble for a while, so long as I can find time to actually engage with the project.

It is spinning day today and we are at S’s again (great cake!). It is (was, when I wrote that) another beautiful day and I would very much like to cycle round to spinning, photographing some spring lambs on my way but as I shall be leaving the dogs alone… I had better get myself home as quickly as possible. I will take the car, going to spinning via the bottle bank today.

My new knitting needles have just arrived. That means that I should be swatching for Mr L’s new sweater on the new needle sizes. I began the second Francie last night though, and would rather like to complete it today. Much depends on whether or not the delivery of books arrives…

Tomorrow evening sees the launch party for the Oral History CD and book that I helped to produce. Only, the books have not yet arrived. The printer dispatched them last week, and the delivery has reached the island… we just do not have our hands on them yet – and we still have to marry CDs to books! Every time the dogs bark I look out expecting to see the van. It is not helping me to concentrate on all the things I had hoped to be doing this week.

It looks as though the wonderful weather we have been having is on the wane. Clouds are massing rapidly now and in the space of writing this, the light has changed completely. Orkney, eh?

Want to see a Francie sock?

Lovely purple.

Squishy Smooshy.

Ribby comfort.

These socks are fun to knit, and fast in such fat wool. I want to see the second one off so that I can engage with Sock Innovation as soon as possible.

These socks contract enormously, due to the strong rib, and look like nothing on earth when off the feet. Blockers are on their way and I hope by the time the pair is complete I shall be in a position to take decent FO shots of them.

The Humbug is off the needles and ready to block. I can’t make it up until I have been shopping for lining material and a zip. Perhaps on Friday.

And now, it is time to prepare for spinning group. It’s all go round here.

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