Where is all the time going to?

If there were an enormous sand glass in front of me I would be panicking right now, watching the sand run out. As it is, I don’t and I am therefore in Complete Denial. This is not a Good Thing as I really have a great deal to do and not much time, as I say, in which to do it.

We spent the entire day yesterday in drawing up plans for the next trip. We iterated and reiterated. It took an age and we ended up with no dinner cooked, so toddled off to the pub. However we are now ready to programme Brunhilde’s GPS, we think.

There are problems and there is tension and I can hear swearing from next door. Bruni’s new door lock does not fit. Good idea, failed to execute. Thinking caps required.

Today I must get busy. It’s almost 10:30 and I’m sitting here just thinking about it. Time to galvanise.

Featured pic is the one that I blipped yesterday – an old pic from 2005. I plan to revisit that tree shortly, it is in Glenlivet.

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