What’s next?

I bought two new Kindle books last night – I don’t know why, I have so many queued for reading already!

Added to the queue were another Hugh Howey, which I am looking forward to but think after the trilogy a break is desirable, and a Simon Armitage.

Which to read next? Can’t decide whether to go for Simon or one of the half-read books or another from the backlog.

It is a glorious day today and another bike ride would be good but we went to Vila do Bispo and back yesterday and my knees are sore.

Domestic duties have taken up the day so far. Later we will walk up into town when the shops reopen at 3pm. We need to visit the pharmacy and I want to take a peek in the cork shop and perhaps reacquaint myself with the Spar – research and planning for Mr L’s birthday meal has begun in earnest.

We will work our way home via Holi Diwali, possibly calling in at the bike shop opposite first.

Today’s December Reflections prompt is "Angel" and I shall need to ponder that one whilst we walk. I wonder where the cemetery is in Sagres, they usually furnish a few angels and it has been some time since I lugged the camera around a cemetery.

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