What to do?

I’ve posted to my wordpress.com blogs to say that I am shutting them down. I have exported the content and plan to import it into one or more wordpress.org blogs. That means that I now have to decide between the options:

  1. Import all the content into this one blog and organise it with categories into something hopefully usable
  2. Create new blogs for each separate lot of content and nest them under this domain in the same way that I have my New Directions blog
  3. Buy a new domain for each blog and recreate the environments from wordpress.com as closely as possible

Option 1 carries a cost for my readers – not all of them will want to read about everything that I get up to – some will be keen on bread-baking but bored to tears by my attempts at creative writing and so on… Some readers will also find me to be far too prolific and will give up under an onslaught of posts. It would simplify my online life and allow me to bring this particular blog back to being my little home on the web instead of just an indexing site.

Option 2 is a no-cost option, other than in the initial setup workload for myself. This need be minimal if I do not concern myself with bringing in all the images

Option 3 requires me to buy a small handful of domain names and carries with it an annual cost.

If you care one way or another, I’d like to hear your opinion on the way forward. Do you have a 4th option for me to consider? What do you mean, can’t I just shut up? :-}

One thing I can assure you is that whatever step I take next, my blogs will always and forever remain ad-free!

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