What happened?

I have been working so hard at keeping up the blogging, so I cannot imagine how I managed to miss Friday and an FO post!

Slap me somebody.

I have oodles of projects to write up. However did I fail to get one done yesterday?

It’s a day of sun, showers and wind today. Quite windy. But not very. Nothing like the winds that we have had in recent weeks. All the same, I have no desire to be out in it. Just as well that I have a busy day scheduled, then.

SpinningGill and her OH are coming round today. OH will be in the garage with my OH and Gill and I shall be working on some Sanday Spinners stuff, and knitting handspun socks. They (the SpinningGills, not the socks) will be staying for supper and because my old man will be under the Land Rover, I get to make the Saturday Curry for a change. I’m nowhere near as practised at this art as he is, so I am somewhat concerned about the quality of fodder. Never mind, we still have the Virgin Wines order to go at. That should hide a multitude of sins. I’m sticking to a simple Thai Green Curry.

Anyway, all this means that I should get the Dyson out and make like a housewife for a bit. Not blogging. Not photographing FOs. Not sitting here drinking coffee, as I am right now. And definitely not finishing my Norby.

Norby is progressing well, thank you – but is surprisingly slow. Three of five repeats completed. Finished tomorrow, I reckon. Back to the Senneh socks on Monday. Am kind of leaning towards digging out my Lara hat to complete after that. I barely started that and don’t even think I got it onto Ravelry. I don’t know why I feel that I want to work on it now. Must be all that wind getting to me.

See ‘ya!

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  1. January 7, 2012

    The Dyson won’t mind not having an outing! 🙂

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