What happened?

I slept in this morning but eventually woke to… sunshine!

Enough blue to make a sailor a pair of trousers
Enough blue to make a sailor a pair of trousers

There is no gale blowing either.


Actually, we still a F6 blowing but in comparison to all the Gale Force wind that we have had recently, it does feel calm.

There is mud everywhere but that little sun does give some hope.

Meanwhile to the rear of the house, there is precipitation within sight, as our friends on Radio 4 would have it.

Precipitation within sight
Precipitation within sight

I need to clean that lens. Ho, hum. Preferably before Saturday, when I have planned an outing to Scar with another Sanday blipper.

  • My knitting is driving me bonkers but so far I am remaining determined to get a finish on it.
  • The treadmill is being neglected
  • Yesterday’s Fast meal of a prawn stir fry was nothing short of genius – I still feel full up! It was very tasty too.

A nice, warming risotto today and hopefully some time at t’mill. I’d like to finish the hand part of my mitten today if I can. Then I must try hard not to think about how much I don’t want to start the second one.

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