Well, that was that

Thursday, New Year’s Day, was largely a non-event – due largely I feel, to the fact that at 3am we were still sitting by the fire, nursing a bottle of port and reminiscing. We spoke of the attraction of words and the reality or otherwise of falling in love with some unseen person. We recalled this Con and that Con and oh, the other Con… the one where so-and-so did this and the other turned up and someone else did something or other outrageous… and we, oh we just didn’t want anyone there at all… We talked about folk that we love and miss and about our wonderful wedding when most of them were there, of my male Bridesmaid, Nev and Mr L’s female Best Man, Fenny; of the surprise of the whole street turning up to sit at the back of the room and wish us well; of our very informal post-wedding “do” and all the champagne that we were given despite asking for “No Gifts!” Bottle after bottle, a seemingly lifetime supply. We had such a good day. Mr L went dewy-eyed when remembering how happy I looked… and so on, literally I think ad nauseum should I labour the point further.

Some of us may have drunk a little too much but this was only dessert, not liquid refreshment
Some of us may have drunk a little too much but this was only dessert, not liquid refreshment

When we did get to bed we didn’t settle for some time after that so, when morning came there was a degree of languishing. Even the dog failed to wake before 09:30!

We cancelled our normal Fast Day in order to make more of the Pâté before it went off.

I managed to get as far as posting Wednesday’s Blip, though didn’t manage to take any photographs at all yesterday. Good job I hadn’t made any Blipfoto resolutions about daily posting or I would have failed on Day 1!

Having completed the thrummed socks I was due to begin working on UFOs though I found myself not in the least excited about any of the knitting projects that I should have been picking up. Instead I dug out my old Tunisian Crochet blanket project and made very good progress on it whilst I watched Becoming Jane (oooh Mr McAvoy!) and Mr L napped. I’m going for a finish this time, even if the blanket fails to reach it’s previously imagined final proportions. Actually, it is becoming heavy now so it may be no bad thing to cut it off short. I could call it a cat blanket.

Onion Bread for Melba Toast and Chicken Liver Pate ready to chill
Onion Bread for Melba Toast and Chicken Liver Pate ready to chill, Sauce Espagnole in the jug ready for finishing as Black Cherry Sauce

Anniversary Dinner was fairly good. The Chicken Liver Pâté turned out rather well and was tasty, the duck breasts were adequate but the Black Cherry sauce was certainly needed and was voted very good indeed, the accompanying goose- and duck-fat roasted potatoes were top notch. The “Champagne” Jelly (made with Prosecco) was a very happy surprise and made a really good end to the meal. We were fascinated and thrilled by the degree of fizz in the lightly-set jelly. For future reference, next time, no cream topping – we really thought it at odds with the jelly. I think if we wanted a “foam” in future it would be in the form of a meringue – either a plop of Italian Meringue or a disc of dried meringue would do. The Cardamom Shortbread was no disappointment at all and I am looking forward to eating the remainder but not today – today is for fasting.

There was a vegetable curry in the freezer when I went foraging and it was marked 5:2 appropriate. However, there is no indication of calorie content and I failed to blog that meal it seems, so we’re working a bit in the blind here. It may simply be a case of “showing willing” today. One thing that I do know is that I must get back on the treadmill. Being lazy quickly becomes a habit.

What is today anyway? I thought perhaps Saturday but it is maybe only Friday? Who knows. What I do know that whichever day it is, it is a foul one. Mr L could not let the chooks out this morning as when he tried to sally forth, the wind, gusting to 70 mph, almost took him off his feet. That’ll teach him to lose weight! Skinny ribs don’t hold you down in a storm.

I don’t feel like doing much today; perhaps further blanket labours and another film – is there anything good on the iPlayer today? Oh, Esio Trot might be worth a look. I love Dame Judi. Wow Pik-Sen Lim is in it – I remember my dad having the hots for her when she was in Emergency Ward 10! Oh, bah, am I stupid or what. It has to be the New Year’s Day Concert! Silly me.

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