Well on the way

All major elements of our office are now in place, the network is functioning and the router is speaking to the outside world. All PCs are up and running. There is a large amount of clutter in need of sorting and organising and that will be placed as the week progresses. I shall also be stuffing extraneous material into the small room, which Mr L has so recently vacated. The sofa, which normally lives in the sitting room but is in long term temporary parking space in here, has been unearthed and we plan to make use of it in the interim.

My big bugbear is that I am now plagued by the light – having a  window behind me shining on to my screen and another across the room blinding me when I attempt to use said screen. We need some blinds asap.

I have arranged matters in here such that we can use the sofa to sit and watch a film at night with our feet up and my knitting to hand. That’s a result, as far as I am concerned.

There will now be the briefest of respites. This may well be the week when I finally get to trial my new spinning studio out in the garden. Come Friday however, we shall be stripping out kitchen cupboards and preparing to spend the following two weeks of Mr L’s leave in laying the new floors.

And now it is time for beer.

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