Well, I’ll be humbuggered

Santa's Elf - a safe pair of hands
Santa's Elf - a safe pair of hands

The Safest Pair of Hands in Scotland just made a Special Delivery to our house. A Special Delivery from Santa, or one of his elves, it would seem – because the parcel is marked – “Do not open until Xmas.”

It is addressed to me.

So, it would seem that we may not do Christmas, but Santa does.

I have a fair notion of what the parcel may contain, as I recognise a blue bag from Midlothian when I see it…

It’s a mystery! One thing I do know, it’s not from Mr L. He is at his grouchiest just now and there’s no way he is discarding humbuggery at this point. Perhaps he’ll feel better soon – an early morning trip to the GP saw him return with Codeine (a cough suppressant) and Antibiotics.

Later today I shall be making a nice festive pork pie. Right now, I have to scrub a trotter and set it to boil for some jellied stock. I feel oddly reserved about this process…

…but at least it will stop the traditional practice of Christmas Eve Prodding and Poking from taking place.

I feel slightly tearful. Who on this earth would send me a present?