Wednesday WIPs

It’s Wednesday. There are WIPs. It remains dull, both figuratively and realistically. No photos. Due only in part to the dullness of the weather – mostly due to the fact that my work table has been seconded to Railway Layout duty.

Spinning was here today. My back did not go twang this week, thank goodness. One attendee, plus myself and one of Nigella’s Moist Dense Chocolate Cakes. Oh, and a wood fire. I plyed almost all of the Ashford Merino/Silk sliver. Will skein it and wash it tomorrow.

Tomorrow I hope also to wash, and then block, the first of the commissioned lace scarves. I completed it last night and immediately cast on for the second. The first took about four weeks to make and I need to have them both ready by the end of the month. (How does that work, then?) I’ve finished one repeat on the new one. 12 and a half to go. Feeling quite desperate now and wanting badly to be knitting something that gives me personal satisfaction. I keep pushing myself on and reminding myself of the satisfaction that there will be in adding a wodge of cash to the Matchless savings jar…

…the pot in which, grew just a little today when a visitor brought me my stock that they had been holding, and a cheque for items that had been sold. A very nice surprise.

I really will try to make some proper, pretty, posts soon. Really I will. In the meantime, you could go and read the chicken blog, where I have been busy lately.