Wednesday High Life

No spinning for me today, I have to go to town. Just dashing there and back again on the afternoon boat (thank the $deity for the summer timetable!) for some essentials.

Definitely not yellow

Consequently am full of busy, tearing about to get ready.

Frantic state not helped by constantly dashing in and out of doors with a basket full of laundry… can’t be defeated by showery weather as Mr L’s long-disused office clothes need freshening up, pressing, and buttons securing before he goes off for a week.

So, am not stopping to play here: things to do, places to go, people to see.

Woolly update: got some spinning done yesterday evening; bobbin one of my “North” yarn singles now done.

Began new socks last night too – just to have a suitable small project to take on the ferry today. Francie socks in Dream in Color “Smooshy” yarn, Visual Purple. Ravelry project here.

Back to the usual rubbish tomorrow, I dare say.

Bet you can’t wait… :-}