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Recent Browser Usage

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This is for Future Learn – the Web Science MOOC asks us today to examine our web browsing history and specifically to:
  …think of a way of visualising your conclusions as a chart or diagram so that you can share it with other participants in the discussion step that follows.


So, here is mine!

A wholly artificial exercise. The History in Chrome is less than satisfying – it comes as an expanded view with full detail by day. I became bored after working my way back to last Wednesday, pasting the details in day-by-day to the visualiser that we were asked to use. I know for certain that these days are not representative of my browser usage.

I edited the data from my History just a little as some entries were less than enlightening.

I would comment that although I use the Web a great deal for shopping, the weight given to Approved Foods this time is due entirely to the size of their site and the three hours or more that I spent in compiling a lengthy shopping list there. As I failed to submit an order in the end… Id say that this graphic ain’t worth the pixels it glows upon. It’s an exercise, yes?

The analysis tool did not differentiate in use of Google and its many toys, so I had to lump searches and email together, plus any use of Translate or whatever that may have cropped up recently. Similarly, the BBC analysis does not split down between recipe searches, iPlayer watching and News browsing.

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