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After pondering yesterday about what exactly to do with this domain, I believe that I have reached a conclusion. I am going to blog!

Ho, ho” I hear you chortle “very droll” – but read on…

Do you know where the term “blog” comes from? Back in the day, it was derived from two words – web log, and a blog was essentially a record of interesting links – snippets from the wider Interworld. It took time for blogs to grow into the self-appreciation centres that they have largely become and the original web log seems to have drifted into the Links List or Blogroll.

At some point yesterday I conceived of  WOOL | gathered as a hub to all my activities online. I also mentioned scrapbooking stuff. It took a while to put things together but I now see that I am leaning towards a form of web log.

What comes around, goes around, eh?

If I can get the Lifestream plugin working efficiently, that page will offer the shorthand version and keep those in a hurry up to date. The posts here will be a longer hand and chattier version linking together what is happening elsewhere with some random stuff that lives only here.

My head is not quite clear yet, so don’t worry if you are confused, I’ll get things clarified at some point. Thus far, I know this about what will happen here:

  1. I want it to be visual
  2. I need it to be brief
  3. It will most likely feature multiple posts on any given date, or none at all – definitely not one feature post a day
  4. One category will probably be Dear Diary.


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