I feel really very tired today and disinclined to do anything very much at all. I certainly don’t feel like making another fingerless glove today. Today is a day for for comfort  – comfort food, comfort knitting, log fires, mugs of hot chocolate.. that kind of thing

I am braising a pair of lamb shanks for our lunch today, so that fits the bill admirably. Mashed potatoes and lots of root vegetables and a thick rich red wine sauce. Yum. I think I’ll do a garlic and parsley mash, with olive oil… I shan’t be able to harvest my garden parsley for much longer so I may as well make good use of it for now.

As for the knitting? I’m torn between knocking out a couple of quick and simple chunky hats for the Christmas Fair, or settling down to some soft and luscious lace. I can’t do this by the side of the fire, because our stove is still noxious. Nor can I do it in front of a three hankie Black and White movie on TCM – cos we don’t have a telly. But that for me would be the ideal way to spend today. Something with Ingrid Bergman in, and featuring both a tortured priest and an untimely death, maybe 🙂 What I can do is the mug of hot choccie. I shall save that for the mid-afternoon slump.

Now, there’s an idea. I needed a name for this scarf project. I think I’ll name it Ingrid.

At Spinning Group yesterday we began to plot our Sheep-to-Something exhibition for next year’s Craft Fair. August isn’t all that  far away really, is it? We all practised knitting with greasy yarn. We shall probably make simple blanket squares and then fasten them together. A Jacob fleece would be best, to give us some colour variations. We’ll have a raffle, with the blanket as the prize and may also have a competition to run alongside “Guess the weight of the finished blanket” or similar. Thinking about it, given the variation in spinning techniques and likely variation in yarn, added to a variety of knitting tensions – maybe squares area actually a poor idea. We’d need to join them as we go and in order to do that we would need a set size of square. Maybe a strip blanket is what we need to do. Widths may be variable, and length is measurable. Though I do believe that I have seen a project on Ravelry that features odd lengths joined together randomly, with no border edge to it. That would be a doddle.