We await the verdict

Departure is imminent. Only two more sleeps in Vincent Van Go on our driveway and then we catch the ferry for the final time. The house is almost totally empty, with only one person needed to collect their new belongings. Mr L made a final run to the Recycrle Shop this morning and then made a large bonfire. The Swishing Shed clothes were kindly removed yesterday by a neighbour.

Most of the rooms are vacuumed now and have their door closed. We are still moving things back and forth between the van, using the kitchen to cook but eating our meals in the van; it makes life a little complicated. Tonight we had a Remoska Toad in the Hole and then with a final flourish, we strained the sloe gin that we made last winter and added some stock syrup. We will soon make inroads. I imagine that we shall broach the bottle on Monday night.

We leave on the midday ferry on Monday and are booked in at the Picky campsite for Monday night. We plan to have one last visit to Helgi’s for our dinner. I had hoped that we might watch a film but the cinema is showing titles that do not appeal. It is, after all, the School Holidays. So, dinner and a quiet stroll around the Peerie Sea before an early night.

Vincent goes for his MOT at 08:00 on Tuesday. Nell goes for hers at the vets at 09:00. what happens next depends entirely on Vincent’s results.

My camera gear is all packed up in its original boxes in preparation for trading in, which means that I am essentially without camera for the first time in many years. I have only my phone and the Little Red Nikon, which appears to be drifting into Mr L’s ownership.

So, time is against us and I lack my Canon. No last trips around the island, taking photos for the memory book then. I did not expect that.

Today’s photo may be my last ever shot of Sanday. I took this snap the other night with no thought or care and it repaid me with an abundance of noise. If I had realised… well. So, Moon Over Isegarth, version 2. Not as good as version one by any means but I did like the wisps of cloud drifting across the face of the moon. I am going to miss the familiar profile of Isegarth on my Eastern horizon.

Oh – heard from the buyers today.  That made us feel much better. Long silences are scary. To cut to the chase – they hope to have their property on the market soon. I wish them well and hope that their progress to Completion is swift and smooth. I am certain that they will love this house as much as we have.

It is hard to go.


  1. J J Ross
    August 13, 2017

    Sanday just won’t be the same without you.
    I’m sure y ou will enrich the lives of many as you travel.
    Bon voyage.

  2. webhorus
    August 17, 2017

    I truly cannot decide whether you’re mad, or brave, or both! Bon voyage to you both 🙂

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