Wasting time?

Mr L went to town to take the camper van for its MOT today. I planned on being productive in his absence. What I actually did was start to write  up in the Two Snails blog some of the matters that I was discussing here yesterday. I wrote a blog post about planning and began a page for the actual planning notes. Then I began to think about learning French and so I started to Google for on line learning resources. Along the way I was side tracked by some Ted Talks on generic principles of learning languages. The one I present here was the most inspirational of those.

And so it has reached that time of day when I need to start warming the Aga up for heating our Tesco £10 supper – and nothing done all day! Not even my knitting.

As predicted when last mentioned, two knitting sessions were all that was needed to complete the Pavonated curl. It had one of those sessions yesterday and today needs only working on to the finish. Except I have been wasting time in thinking about stuff rather than doing anything practical about that stuff or knitting.

Two Snails is here

I will now crank the oven up and then sit and knit Pavonated until the shopping and my man come home. I might just be cast off by then.

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