Warm and cosy

We had a lot of hailstorms today. It has been generally cold and miserable. With a hearty lunch of home made soup and soda bread in my tum, I clapped my handspun Jacob on my head, in the form of my Urchin beret,


added a coat and took the dog out. I felt beautifully snug – the hat is very warm and cosy and appears to be just about windproof – and not a little unlike Victoria Wood in gormless mode…

Not so gormless tonight on the Puzzlecrack. We were twelfth yesterday. Tonight, with A’s assistance, we came in at fourth position. Wheeeee!

(You know, the more that I look at that Jacob Urchin, the more that I like it! Mind, it looks better on Ms Polly Styrene than it does on moi)