Ups and Downs

The colourless nature of my current fibre work is beginning to get me down. I wrote about my need for colour over at Sanday Spinners.  Then I sat down to work on my (white) doily and I spotted some dropped stitches. I now have to unpick it, stitch-by-stitch for around 20 rows. Now this, this really gets me down.

The up side of today includes the delivery of our first die for pasta extrusion: a Pappardelle. If only the actual pasta-making machinery had arrived. Also on the up side – Mr L has ordered the Brød & Taylor Folding Proofer. We had one last conversation about whether it was too extravagant (me) or a useful saving on oil (Mr L). I think that I swung the argument in his direction when he said “and we can make yoghourt in it” and I upped the ante with “and melt chocolate.”  You see, we have been having discussion about taking up the art of the chocolatier. Tempering can be tricky, but a controlled temperature makes life much easier.

I am already dreaming up truffle flavours…

I am quite excited about having one more shared activity in the kitchen. We really should spend more time together.


  1. September 30, 2013

    Not the doily – you’ve been coming on so fast with it.

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