Up with the lark

There is a fortune waiting to be made by the person who invents, develops and markets the first smoke detector to intelligently announce the demise of its batteries only during waking hours.  04:14 hrs is not the time to be suggesting that we identify which alarm is complaining and then to find a battery for it. No. No way. Tell me after 09:00 please and before 22:00.

That is all.

Oh, no, it isn’t. I should say how much I love the Pavonated Curl project. Love it to bits. The variegation is working well with the stitch pattern. Less enamoured with the yarn, which is pretty much what I had come to expect of Hipknits before electing to reject Ms Allman’s services. Still, must not look a gift horse in the  mouth… even if it has white patches, knots, and a horrible tendency to split stitches. Really, a “sock” yarn should be far more tightly spun and plied. The split stitch thing is a problem and much tinking has been done. It is entirely a reflection on Hunter’s design skills that I am having fun nonetheless.

Submissions for the Show this evening, Show Day tomorrow and I still have not done June’s “Changing Seasons” post.

We do not have a great forecast for tomorrow but it’s no so very bad either. 10% probability of rain, light-ish winds from the South and 12°C. Could be worse.

Just wondering if I still have time to block a small shawl made of recycled yarn… but first, it is a Fast day and I have some chicken breast to stir fry only it failed to thaw overnight, so I need to  get my thinking cap on.


  1. August 2, 2015

    Quite agree about the smoke alarms. We had one announce it was low on juice last week. Trouble was, we couldn’t work out which one it was so it disturbed us several times.

    • August 2, 2015

      I know, ’tis always the case. The beep at an inconvenient hour when, bleary-eyed you rise to investigate and they have gone silent again. It goes on night after night, never in the day when one is sensible.

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