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WIP Wednesday again. There has been a flurry of activity here on the Windswept Acre:



Jubilee has grown a sleeve and is waiting for the second one. Am feeling quite positive about this project now but it is resting while I turn my attention to the Twist Collective 2 week sweater challenge.



I cast on rather late for the challenge, last Saturday.

Cecchetti by Marnie MacLean, published by Twist. My project is called Sugar Plum Fairy, for reasons that are not immediately obvious. Knitting in the round, I am up past the waist now and doing increases for the bust. I doubt my ability to deliver this on time. Not for the first time do I find myself wishing that I were petite. Never mind, I shall keep knitting up to the wire and see how far it gets. The aim for today was the bottom of the armholes. We are not going to get there. About 10″ long now.

I have great hopes for this sweater. Love the yarn, love the fluid fabric I am making.


One quarter of the scarf

Link has made some progress. It would have made more, had I not frogged a repeat and a half yesterday. I found myself knitting a purl stitch – the problem of working more than one project at a a time when chart symbols are not standardised. Now back to the pre-frog point, and the whole thing approx 18″ / 25% complete. No priorities for this, but I’d like to keep nibbling at it if I can.



Couldn’t wait any longer, once my Signatures had been delivered, and Juneberry was cast on last Friday. I am trying to leave it alone but it is such fun to knit… It’s into the final body chart now, with the edging coming up soon. It’s a June Shawl, to pair with the Winter Shawl, whose leftover yarn is being deployed here.

The Rest

Quill has rested this week but we are going to town together this Friday and it will grow a little.

Frozen Leaves is an FO and you can see it on Friday.

My weaving remains untouched


  1. Cecchetti
  2. Snowbird (add sleeve)
  3. Juneberry (complete)
  4. Link (extend)

The second test knit for Romi is forthcoming – I have the yarn to hand (and it is not Colourmart)

I am wondering if there will be time to knit a laceweight shawl before the Colourmart Lovers deadline…


  1. June 16, 2010

    What yarn is Cechetti in, it looks gorgeous!

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